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PACK : Sandals

This is a collaboration project CAMPER


Tama Art University department of  studio3.


What do you come out on top when you pack your baggage ?

Maybe you want to carry it easily so you crave for it to be more light, simple and never taking up much space.

These are typical examples of the baggage which you require and I should not forget these function.

But always remember, feeling exciting is one of the most important factors when you go abroad.

Today, I re-innovate the sandals are included and shown these factors. These sandals absolutely fulfill your desire and it completely change your life. It must attract you andyou can't stand using it/ going abroad. I am calling it "BEACH". This spectacular sandals are focused on traveling. I packed all of parts from one pair of sandal with transparent plastic / vinyl sheet and it is going to be flat. Furthermore, I believe you can't stand displaying it in your space because it is absolutely beautiful like a specimen. Target age is people from their 20's to 40's who want to enjoy their travel to the full. I hope that it become a perfect collection and to use it regularly with a lot of joy!

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